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You have worked both diligently and constantly to become a highly sought after healthcare professional. You should be able to leverage that for better pay, loan forgiveness, desirable job locations, amongst many other things. We created Medreliance to optimize your job search, allowing you better leverage.

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    In order to optimize your job search, we've added the ability to use various filters (specialty, position, and location, incentives). This way you'll only see the posting that you care about, while companies will better understand the incentives that healthcare providers are looking for. We believe this to be the most effective long term solution to staffing shortages in certain areas.

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We can offer you helpful data trends as pertains to as what your future employees are looking for. Post your jobs with us, become visible to thousands of highly qualified healthcare professionals looking for jobs in specific locations or work environments. We are invested in minimizing healthcare worker shortages, particularly in underserved communities. By better understanding the healthcare workers needs over time, we help you better align incentives for future employees with their expectations.

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    This way you'll be able to attract only the.

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    Thanks to our straightforward employer dashboard, you'll be able to sort, filter, and pick from the best candidates with ease.